Side quest distractions along the way
At Amazon, I started a newsletter for the League of Legends community. It was just a simple e-mail I sent out every week. The final visual design I settled on was inspired by their Nexus website.
A Discord app bot made by the amazing Peter Hwang used by over 1K gamers (and growing!) I did some silly visual design for this, and also helped with feature implementation and interaction design.
An article for beginners seeking to do whiteboard challenges co-written by fantastic designer Eunice Choi, and me. Our initial idea for this resource came from our own apprehension with tackling them, and we hope it's been useful!
This is how I visualize my notes and thoughts. Much more effective for my memory.
Personal gift inspired by Bill Watterson. The dogs' names are Kibbles and Bitz.
Infographic representing survey data for an Overwatch redesign side project.
An illustrator could probably easily tell that I am not one. But it's something that I admire very deeply and occasionally I try to make time to practice.